Clivia Leaves

jmsnycMay 16, 2014

Hi, Some background: In December, my clivia which was "resting" in a cold room was placed outside overnight and altho the temps had been stable, in the morning it had dropped to 20 degrees F. All the leaves drooped to mush. Devastation!! Atho I thought the plant was dead, after it defrosted it actually set up a spike and produced a respectable flower!! Amazing! I was so relieved. The plant has now produced 4 leaves which are doing nicely but no more appear to be on the way. What should I expect after such an assault on the plant in terms of leaf growth? What should I do to encourage more? Leaves are growing but no sign of others. Thx. for help!!

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IMO thank your lucky stars. Think of this as a very heavy pruning. It produced "a flower" or a normal stalk with (normal) multiple flowers? Assuming you didn't let the stalk go to seed, if you would like I would be happy to send you some fresh seed; I have several mature pods I could pick off. Let me know if interested.

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