yellowing leaves

ima_diggerMay 21, 2008

I think I'm losing my three clivia plants. The leaves are turning yellow on all three plants. They are planted in the ground and get morning sun. Could it be from not enough water? I water them every three or four days. We have had very low humidity for the last couple of weeks, and high temps close to 90. I don't want to lose them.

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

How long have they been in their current location? What are the soil/general conditions like?


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The clivia have been in the ground for about 4 months. They were OK until about three weeks ago. The soil is kind of sandy and I mixed in Hyponex potting soil into the ground before planting. It has been quite hot here, in the high 80s. Could it be that they need more water? I'm afrain of over-watering. I have two more that are in pots on my rear patio. They are under roof, get no sun, and are watered once a week. They are doing fine. On one plant I have 5 seed pods. The other one has one seed pod. I haven't put them in ground because of the seed pods. I didn't want to lose them.

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How hot is the morning sun on them? Are the yellow spots still soft or are they drying out as well. Im not a clivia expert by any means but if they are soft and yellow I would think over watering, but if they are drying out and yellow I would think to much sun.

thats just my best guess though. Good luck with them!

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

Being in CT, all my clivias are in pots, so perhaps a southern gardener will be able to offer you better advice. I would look at the Ph and drainage of your soil, as well as the level of light that the plants are getting.

If they are in bright light, consider moving them to a shady spot. You might also try an acidic medium of peat moss and perlite, but don't let it get too dry. (Is that possible in FL?)

Let us know how you make out with these!


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I would take them out of the ground and check the roots for rot. If there is rotted roots, to much water and not enough loose soil for drainage for them.They have tubuler roots which can retain moister for days. If you keep them wet too long, they swell up and bust, even rot very easily. you can water them as if you water a cactus. Even cactus die too if you let their roots get beyond the dry point though.
Also you will know if they are to dry, because the roots will look shrunk.
Did you know that in the wild, they grow under a canopy of trees in Africa, only in the top layer of molded leaves and decomposing stuff. Very light, mulchy, fast draining soil. They grow like weeds out there and all they get for sun is speckled light under trees.

Once you take them out of the soil, wash the roots off, pull off dead roots, then plant them in good pots, in a really good light and airy soil, then you can bury the pots in the yard soil and have better control of the plant within the pot. You can feed them better, have better control of watering, and put them anywhere you want, as long as you do not put them in the hot sun. You said they are in morning sun right? Up to what time though? In the south, the sun can be scouldering at 9am.
Usually, if the sun is too hot, yellowing is not the sign, burnt and bleached out leaves are. The yellowing is usally from a lack of nutrients, to dry, or , but almost always, too much water. Too much water, the leaves turn yellow from the bottom and then eventually fall off. Also the tips can turn a bright yellow and receed into the rest of the leaf over time. You can usually pull them off easily.
If you are saying that the whole plant, all the leaves look light green to a yellowing, then that is usually a sighn of stress from drought.
P.S So check your roots ok.
I hope this helps you

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I suspect that you are watering them too much. I have several in the sandy ground along the shady side of the house; they are sold here as good for dry shade. I water them only infrequently, maybe once every 2-3 weeks. They do get some roof-drip if it's foggy, and as well a short blast of sun in the afternoon, but they look really good, except for the nibbles of an unidentified animal.

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Clivia have tubular roots which are know fior holding lots of water. If you water to frequent, they just burst..Fyi...Then rot

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Which leaves are yellowing? If it is a couple of the outer leaves, it can be due to transplant shock and is not a big deal. If the leaves are all lighter or yellowing, then it is either root rot, no nutrients or too much light. In outdoor soil, the nutrients are generally there. They tolerate a wide range of soil types, pH, and watering. They also tolerate a wide range of temperatures and humidty. They only really do poorly in direct light, temps below 20-25F or sustained over 110-115F, and overwatering. They can grow in sand as long as they get an occasional blast of nutrient containing water a couple times a year. They won't thrive, but they will survive. Mike's suggestion was perfect. Look at the roots. If they are all soft and brown, clean with a sharp knife, dust with roottone+antifungal powder and pot it up in sand for 2-4 months with occasional water this winter. You will be pleasantly surprised in the spring.

GOod luck.


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