ncognito88(7)May 2, 2010

Has any one had luck growing passiflora in NC? I have bought seeds several times from Burpee and they never grow. I really dont know what im doing wrong and i really want this flower. thanks yall

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Natives have been easy from seed - I've used fresh seed cleaned from fruit. I washed the goo or jelly off the seeds and wiped them clean with a paper towel. I planted them in pots of potting mix and left them outside for a year (they needed to go through one winter).

Tropicals have been difficult - I've used the same technique except no winter treatment and I've only have one vine to show for the trouble.

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I dont think any of our local grocery stores sell this in sanford. Where do you buy your fruit? Are you passiflora still living? I am also interested in a Hawaiian sunset vine ever heard of it? thanks triangle john

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roberta_nc(Zone 7 NC)

I have a passiflora incense that has done well. It is not native but looks similar to the native incarnata. I ordered the plant from an online source rather than try it from seed. If I remember correctly, the seeds have a hard coat. You might try scoring/scratching a few and soaking them between wet paper towels to get them to sprout before putting them in dirt.

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I buy most of my tropical fruit from the huge Asian market in Cary, NC. I can also find good stuff every once in a while at their sister store in Garner or the large hispanic store right next door. I don't have the addresses to any of these. I think the Cary store is just called Grand Asian Market. It is visible from Hwy 1 right before the beltline. Look for a long red brick building on the West side of the highway. They pretty much carry everything you could ever want.

Passion fruit sometimes show up at the Krogers in Garner. Only the small round purple ones from what I've seen.

I haven't seen anyone local selling the Hawaiian sunset vine but I believe there are greenhouses down in Florida selling it but the last time I looked it was pretty expensive.

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Thanks for the feedback i know exactly where that asian market is right next to rugged wearhouse. I will try that!! All the seeds i have bought never grow. Ive even filed and soaked them. I appreciate you feedback.

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roberta_nc(Zone 7 NC)

Hope it works out for you! If it doesn't and you decide you want plants, let me know and I will send you the online source. I know how it is when you (I) decide that you just HAVE to have something :)

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thanks roberta

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byrdlady(7b NC)

Dearness Gardens in N. Charlotte had a blue one in a pot last week. I have also seen them at the Winghaven sale here.

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