Burned my clivia!

housenewbie(NEPA)June 6, 2007

Help! I've burned my clivia--put it outside when the weather got warm (it was in the orchid light room on the floor all winter, so a fairly low-light situation) and it got pretty badly sunburned. I'd tried putting it under a small tree but I guess the tree wasn't big enuf to shade it.

Anyway, it seems like the damage on the leaves is spreading. Should I cut them in the green area to prevent further spread?

From reading this forum it seems like these are fairly cool growers? So when the temps are in the 50s or so can I put the plant outside? (under the pear tree, of course!)

Also, I have 2 berries from last summer. One is red and one still green. How do I harvest and plant them?


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Housenewbie, sorry about your Clivia. It's best taking Clivias out when the temps are still cool, as long as it doesn't drop below 40..a cloudy day is best.
Are leaves deep red? Did you bring back indoors?
If you feel it's spreading, maybe it's best cutting the burnt parts.
You can also set in a shady part of the yard..Do you have an area w/awning or patio? Toni

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Well, I pretty much did it all wrong then. I just put it out a couple weeks ago, when it was getting warm. And it was bright and sunny.

When I saw it was burned, I moved it under the pear tree, which is a full-sized tree and provides plenty of shade. Plus, it's on the N side of the garage. So it's only getting morning sun now. The leaves turned a pale brown, not red.

I cut off the brown parts, so it already looks less sad. Hopefully the cuts will scab over and the leaves will stay green.

I could have sworn i had it out in sun last year, and it was fine. But maybe not...

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House, it should be okay..as long as the roots didn't burn, that's the main thing.
BTW, just wanted to say, I take plants outside on cloudy days..I'm sure there are many who do so on sunny days..
Clivias are pretty hardy..One winter, we bought a small 8x12 gh..I had several plants inside, and wouldn't you know it, on the coldest night of the year, the heater went out..It was under 0F degrees..The next morning, I went in gh only do discover most plants dead, at least 37, frozen..my clivia lost a LOT of leaves due to frost, but it survived..Never again will I set in the gh, since I started this plant from seed in 1982 and don't want to lose it..
Once new leaves come up, your should be fine. The sun is really strong this yr..I set out a Pandanus (screw pine) against the house which only gets north and east sun..Many leaves burned..and it's not getting any direct sun..I don't understand..every yr I set in the same spot and it does fine..now I have to cut more than half the bottom leaves..don't understand what's going on..
Good luck, House..Toni

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I'm sorry to hear about your Clivia. The good news is that it will survive, and if it is mature enough, it will most likely still bloom in 2008. Either bringing it indoors or providing shade for the rest of summer will help. It needs the bright indirect light to grow and form a bud from which to bloom, so keeping it in a darker house might not serve it well. As for trimming, let the brown areas completely dry. If you cut into the green, then you get a progressive line of damaged tissue working proximally towards the crown.

As for temperatures for Clivias, mine did fine (but looked unhappy) in our 10 days of 105-110F last July. There is a guy on the Clivia enthusiast site who says his were in 119F heat. As for cold, my plants froze for the first time in 11 years outdoors this past Jan. when we had temps down to about 19F for a few mornings. They've tolerated the upper 20's all the other years. They bloomed beautifully and now I've peeled most of those bad leaves off and the new ones look great. The mature ones are quite hardy. They just don't like water in the crown and direct light in mid summer. Good luck.

Sacramento, CA
Zone 9
"Cooling" to the low 90's this weekend.

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Thanks everyone. It seems to have stabilized. I'll have to move it once the pears start falling, but for now it seems pretty happy under the tree. Plus, it's been cooler the last week or so. Like, 50F overnight. Brrr.

Guess I just have to remember that it's like the orchids in not wanting full sun (burned a bunch of them a couple years ago, too).

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persiancat_gardener(z8 O’burg, scarolina)

I keep my Clivia on the north side of my house on the deck.
It doesnt get sun directly and is also protected by two bid
ferns. It seems to love the location.......Lucky me....I just guessed at it......

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