Clivia seed germinating. What do I do now?

loretta5_gw(Z6 PA)June 7, 2010

My Golden Dragon Clivia seed is just ripening. One fell off the plant two weeks ago and I'm letting it dry before opening it. Is this the right thing to do?

One other seed just fell off the plant and I see that it is germinating already. A tiny pup (or something)is starting to grow out of the seed. Should I remove the outer seed coating and pot it up? Should I leave it alone for awhile longer? Help please.

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loretta5_gw(Z6 PA)

Since nobody responded to this question, I punted. First of all I discovered each one was one seed and not a seed pod. So I potted the them and covered them with potting soil leaving the already germinating growing tips out, and bagged the pots to hold moisture in. I got nothing! After a few days I removed the seeds from within the soil, laid them on top of the soil and re-bagged them. They immediately started to grow. (Note to self: don't cover Clivia seed.) They are doing well. Hope this helps someone else.

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