A healthy Clivia

jon_z6bJune 13, 2012

She seems to be pretty happy... no special potting mix or any of that (pretty much just straight garden soil). Yeah, I know, It's about time to divide.

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That is a beauty for sure, lovely flower and great wide leaves, I am a fan of the wide leaves and shorter stature..and look at all the flower spikes! You could always just lift it out of that pot and plop the whole thing in a larger pot and forget about it for the next 10 years..just think of all those lovely flower..!! Just look at that gorgeous offset!

I'm new to this clivia thing, all my plants were started from seeds a few years ago and I purchased several from Ebay that are about the same age. So,I must wait and, I'll have to enjoy mine through other people's flowers for the time being...:-)


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Very nice. I'm surprised to see it blooming now. I think mine bloom in the fall or winter (cannot remember exactly).

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Sorry but with all those blooms (beautiful) it is not time to repot until they are finished.

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That's exactly what's been holding me back Otnorot...
Mainly so as not to disturb seed production. Two years running I have tried to cross it with a red Hippeastrum.
This seedling looks different enough from the others that I'm hoping it might be a hybrid:

This year I put pollen from an Amarcrinum on it.. so I still have to wait to divide it.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Sorry, that looks like many of the clivias I have grown from seed and nothing like an amaryllis. Many have tried to cross clivias with hippeastrums and there is not one instance in which genetic analysis has shown they succeeded. They are distant relatives with different genes.

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