Pruning Kleim's Hardy Gardenia

grassboroMay 30, 2011

I have a large Kleims Hardy Gardenia that has grown over the years to at least 5 & half feet wide and 3 & half feet tall. I made the mistake of never pruning it and now need to prune it back or move it. It has done very well where it is at so I would like to keep it there, but I am redoing the bed it is in and it will be too wide. Can I prune it back kind of hard? The height is not a problem, it is the width. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I've never had a problem with giving them a trim this time of year. Your only issue may be that trimming may cause them to flush with new growth, which you will have to trim again.

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The 'Kleim's Hardy' gardenia certainly has the fine fragrance of gardenia, but don't you think its flowers are pitifully ugly? I recommend that you pull the plant up and throw it onto the compost heap. Then, replace it with a 'Chuck Hayes' or 'August Beauty' gardenia that will reward you with both the pleasing perfume of this species as well as tradtional, beautiful double blossoms.

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That is true about trimming and stimulating new growth. What I may try is to totally remove some of the side branches. I will also have to think about moving this plant. Replacing with "Chuck Hayes" is also a good thought. Thanks for the feedback.

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I have been forced, due to heavy snow having bent them to the ground, to prune my klein's hardy gardenias by half on some years. Ideally I would suggest trimming 1/3 of the branches by as much as half or more each year (think of thinning it out) so that after three years you have a much smaller bush.
If you are actually considering replacing it, what do you have to lose by pruning it very hard and see what comes of it?

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