Add orchid mix/sand to planting medium for plants in ground?

motifoneJune 26, 2013

Greetings everyone.

I'm located here in Southern California and have and planted several clivias in a shade garden about a year ago. Though a few have bloomed, I'm encountering a few problems:

⢠A couple rotted at the base and toppled over, died
⢠On a few plants, new emerging leaves will often have a brown, rotting lesion

I try not to water them too heavily or often because the area takes longer to dry out being in the shade. When I planted them, I removed all the native clay in the ground and replaced it with new soil, but perhaps that's just not well draining enough? I've read some folks add sand and.or orchid mix/bark to the mix.

I have one plant where I can see the roots separating (rotting off) from the crown, and I'm considering digging up the plant, washing the soil away from the roots, and replanting with a medium amended with orchid mix, sand, and some soil. Has anyone tried such a mixture with clivias in the ground?

Thanks for the input.

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I hope someone with more knowledge responds soon. I have only grown Clivia for a little over a year. I use close to that mix, except no sand, and I add perilite. So mine is potting soil, orchid mix ( bark, charcoal), and perilite. This makes it fast draining and not withhold a lot of water. HTH


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