Overgrown clivia bed

socksJune 4, 2014

The clivia bed has become an overgrown mess, many years since it was originally planted. I'd like to dig them all out and replant, spacing them out appropriately. The bed is about 6' long, 3 wide in the full shade.

Would this be a good time to do it? If so, how far should I space the individual plants? If they lay out on the ground in the shade while I work up the bed, will they be ok? It's in the 90's here.

The soil should have many years of accumulated organic material, so I'm thinking I'll just loosen it up, removing big root chunks, etc. I could put in some E.B. Stone "Sure Start" for each one.


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Well, never mind!

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Socks, this forum seems to be dead. I don't know why, but I hope I can find SOMEWHERE and SOMEONE to help me. Try the Florida Gardening forum. Lots of people there grow clivia.

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"Would this be a good time to do it?"

I would say not. Too hot. Wait until cooler weather, IMO.

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