First clematis! What to put with it?

aggieroseMarch 26, 2011

I purchased a Jackmani Superba today. I plan on growing it on a trellis on a 6 foot wooden fence. I am considering putting another one with it and started to look for one online, but got overwhelmed with all of my options. I would like one that is in the same pruning zone as Jackmani, hopefully in some shade of purple, or white, one that won't overtake my fence, and has a long bloom time. Any suggestions?

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Hello Aggierose ... yes, a white clematis such as 'Huldine' or 'Marie Cornelia' looks particularly nice planted with 'Jackmanii Superba' ... you could also consider the pink flowering 'Comtesse de Bouchard' ... there's plenty of options!


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And a very warm welcome to this obsession!

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