New finds from a backyard succulent garden

DavidL.caJuly 21, 2014

I found a local backyard succulent garden through the internet last week, as they got a new shipment of plants yesterday, I visited today to see what I can find.

If anyone live in Toronto area, I would definitely check her place out (link included), she's got some very nice succulent collections and also other cool plants!

I acquired a few new babies myself, couldn't help it! The soil she uses seems to be quite soil-heavy, I might repot some point next week.
Please help check if these IDs are correct!

Aloe Variegata (Tiger Aloe)? Always loved how these look

Baby Toes, I think it's Frithia pulchra, but the label says Frithia tuberculosa... I know these are very similar to Fenestraria aurantiaca, is the only difference their flowers?

Got this aloe last week from another nursery, is it Aloe asperifolia?

She also has a neat collection of air plants, out of curiosity I started a new collection xD

A pretty happy day for me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grow Something

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Thanks for the share! I'm in the GTA, so may check her out.

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No problem! Yeah her backyard is not the biggest, but the selection of plants are pretty great, and most of them are in pretty great condition, considering that she's not using the "gritty mix" most people recommend here.

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Hows the pricing? How much is each pot in the first pic? I think its her ads spammed on kijiji. Im 5.9 km north from the shop. This past spring I went to so many nurseries and local flower shops to shop for succulents and cacti. Not much luck, just about everyone is overpriced.

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Hm well it is not the cheapest, ranging from $4.25 - $10, but she definitely has some more varieties than most nurseries I've visited. I think pricing tends to go with the "rarity". The tiger aloe I got was $7 and the baby toes were $10 I think. Some of them come with nice clay pots though. You can find their facebook page, it gives more info. including pricing. Also right now their air plants are on sale if you're interested.

Which nurseries have you visited, if you don't mind me asking?

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hm, pricey, but then I find that the interest level in TO seems to be at a minimum. I usually get all my plants from US, much much cheaper there.

Ive been to all the Sheridan nurseries, they are pricy. Ive been to Woodhill garden centre, I ended up buying an old man cactus from there, decent price. I think they were on for $4, in a clay pot, nice size too and everything. I think Ive been to Meadow Wind Garden Centre as well. Besides those nurseries Ive been to alot of mom and pop flower stores. Many had cool cacti or succulents, some had hugee cacti but all were just too expensive.

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Tiger aloe for $7? Not sure if that's such a good deal, I bought this one for $4.99 - it wasn't a sale price either. It had 1 pup as you can see (now there is 5...). Photo is within days of purchase, repotting it from peat. Even including the tax it's still much less. Got it at CT (in TO).


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What/where is CT, Rina?

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Yeah I know it could be cheaper, I just haven't seen it anywhere else and I like the variety she has.
I'm also curious about CT.
And yes, interest level here for succulents is definitely not the highest.. it might catch up soon, though. More and more weddings use them as favours.

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Sorry, CT is Canadian Tire (and it was in Toronto).

I have to say, I didn't find anything worthwhile at CT this year. So, one has to be lucky just to be there on day of new shipment I guess.
Reading all the times about our neighbours (USA) getting all different succs for much less $ from Home Depot, Lowe's and similar - nothing like that in those stores around here, at least not in my experience. Seldom I see anything different than jades or some Sansevierias...
I was 'lucky' only once, got the 5 beauties in 6" pots for $20!
(that was from a small grower).See photo, not the 2 small ones in front and not the aloe in the center - btw, that one pups like crazy...Rina

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How much was the A. asperifolia, if I may? That's not a common one, and it could be as you've ID'd it. I feel now, thanks to Gay (desertgardener, who grows them supremely), that it's much like Aloe karasbergensis, Aloe deltoideodonta (all forms) and Aloe pearsonii - it's difficult to have too many on a particular species. Great group of plants, and if they make you happy, what's a few more dollars?


Great score - I'll bet you were pleased as punch.

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I think they're beautiful!! And love the air plant too!! :)

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Yes, I was, and thank you.

Is this one, by any chance, A.asperifolia?


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Rina, I don't think so (but I don't know what it is). It's not yet flowered then? You get tired of it unnamed, send it West. Maybe a little A. ferox?

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I got the Aloe asperifolia from Sheridan nursery, it was something like $4.99 or $5.99 I think, and they have 40 days warranty on plants. So if it dies within the range you can return it. The also had some Aloe aculeata and some other aloes there.

Mine looks quite similar to Rina's though. Both have the yellow-dark brown teeth on the side of leaves, and the powdery foliage. Are they not the same kind?

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I've only ever found large tropicals, bamboo, and phals at my local CTs. Good score! Where did you get that lovely aloe (a. rauhii?) in the middle from? I saw one a while ago, and have not been able to find it since. Regret not picking it up at the time!


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No, it didn't flowered yet, and doesn't have any pups either (I bought it in fall 2012); it looked very similar to David's to me too. I don't have exact ID, it was suggested it could be: Aloe California-maybe A.namibensis-clavifola or falcata.
So I have another name now to check out.
I was looking at David's pic, the teeth looked very similar (see pic). But bottom of the David's plant seems to me to be tighter...


Where in Ont. are you? I don't remember where I bought it, but maybe also in Can.Tire - they used to have better selection of plants. It could have been also Home Depot.
And, I don't have ID for it either, so Thank you for that!!!
I have removed few pups from it already, one of them is going to flower soon.

BTW - David, I hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread...I apologize.

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Here is photo of the original plant now - compare to when purchased. It has 2 flower stalks.


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Plants in the backyard nursery look very 'clean' & healhy, organized, and definitely better choice than CT or Home Depot or Lowe's.

I like containers you are using for your air plants...and, you must be good violin (?) player! - looks like the poster says "Best of festival" - am I seeing/reading it right?


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@Rina, haha of course not. Thanks for making this thread more interesting! I agree the teeth looks to be the same, but the bottom of the plant seems to have a bit of variation. And yours seems to be growing more like a rosette, but mine is stacking more sideways..

Yes, the plants there looked well-organized and taken care of, and she's also propagating a bunch of new plants, also she has a bunch of succs in her garden ground cover as well.

Thanks! Oh did that get there?! Yea I'm a recent graduate for masters in music and my major is violin. I'm also teaching violin :P

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