Just a few updated pictures of my clivias..:-)

meyermike_1micha(5)June 20, 2010

Andrew, possibly another addiction?lol These are great for keeping in low light ares of the home, and for the darkest spots in the yard..They light up any area with light! You can store them in an area with less than a few hours of light all winter in the cellar, while all your other plants that need sun and light can have all the room in the home..

Some of them are starting to pop buds!

Gotta love them..

Hi Craig and others! I hope you are all having a great summer..

a href="http://photobucket.com"; target="_blank">


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Hey Mike... such healthy plants you got... thanks for sharing.. :)


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Thank you Izhar..

How is yours doing by the way?


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some times i think that my plant is artificial ....lol

it is more or less in the same condition.. I had placed its pot with my Caladiums in ground, it gets filtered sunlight there.. worst a rat chewed one of its leaf blade's edge..


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slippersleuth(z6 PA)

Very nice plants. How old are the ones that are blooming? Have the younger ones ever bloomed before?

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Hi Mike,
Well done. I've been thinking of you and your clivias these past few months as we, kind of, challenged each other last year on the bloom for this year. You certainly won. I had a couple of stuck umbels and that was it.... I watch your "mark" on the forum as I'm in a similar weather zone that you're in (cold winters) and you have more experience. Took your and Al's advice. Got those clivias in the gritty mix early this year and I think I'll be better able to take the challenge next year!

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Hi Gail...

It is so good to see you and I am thrilled that your's are in the gritty mix...Wait until you go to transplant one and the mix just falls away from the roots to expose the big beautiful very white roots...

I can't wait to your challange met! You know someting wierd, some of my plants are growing stem and flowers now that they have been outside for over a month..

I am glad to see you again Monet.


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