Do Clivias like to be root bound

nyssaman(Z6 ON)July 29, 2007

I bought a Clivia Min. at home depot - the thing is massive but it is in a little 4 inch pot -it seems do be doing so well but at the same time I wonder if it has enough room -It has 16 leaves over a foot long and 2 new leaves about 4 - 6 inches - how old would this plant be? how much bigger will it get? -How soon will a plant this size flower.



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dries(South Africa)

This is an adult plant. I guess around 5-6 years old. My advice would be to repot it into an 8 inch pot using a well draining potting mix. Clivia do not mind being a bit pot bound but there is a limit to everythin eh???

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