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marricgardensJuly 6, 2008

A few years ago I received 5 pots of clivias as a gift. They were in large,6-8", clay pots. Each pot now has 2-3 'pups' with the parent plant. Time to divide? The large roots are now on top of the soil. I was told by the lady not to divide them until they were very pot bound. Is that true? I plan on using clay pots or would plastic be better this time? About the roots on top of the soil, should they be buried or are they supposed to be like that? I haven't really done much houseplant gardening except for African Violets so please excuse all the biginner questions. Marg

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Hi Marg,
It sounds like you've done very well with your gift Clivias. You don't need to separate the pups, unless you want more pots or to gift them to someone else. As for repotting, they tolerate being rootbound, but they also appreciate having the soil in which to obtain nutrients. Either pot works fine. I usually bury the plant to a point a couple cm above the highest root origin. Some roots may come out on the surface and that is fine, but the roots don't absorb nutrients form the air. Hopefully this helps.

Take care,
Sacramento, CA

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Thanks Craig. I was planning to repot this weekend. I have some larger plastic pots here but I thought the clivias would get to wet in them. They are now in large clay pots. Maybe I'll just repot in the same pots and just freshen the soil. They have been in the same potting soil since I got them. Do you think that would be okay? Marg

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Hi Marg,

Freshening the soil should be fine. They really can take some abuse, especially if they are mature. Good luck.


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