Clivia not growing?

peaches20(6 PA)July 24, 2008

Hi All,

I'm new to clivias. I got some seeds in a trade and started them a couple of months ago. They seem to not be growing.

I have them in regular miracle grow potting soil. Should I be adding fertilizer? I have osmocote slow release and bone meal. Here are some pics of the two:



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Hi Peaches,

Hard to tell what is going on. The leaves look great. Is the soil too moist or too dry? Maybe a light spritz of foiliar spray with some dilute fertilizer will help. Also keep the soil lightly damp, and make sure they are kept around 70-80 degrees F at this stage.

Good luck,

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Hi Peaches:

The first possibility is that this is way clivia grows. New clivia grows very slowly. For the first year, usually, it will have only two leaves.

The second possibility is that the temperature is too high for germination. In that situation, although the seed germinated quicker than usual, but that is a false germination and won't have true leaves come out.

I would suggest just hanging on there and wait to see.

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peaches20(6 PA)

Thanks for the information on the clivias. Unfortunately :(, I had them out on the back porch and either a chipmunk and/or squirrel got in the pots and destroyed both plants. The one looks like it still has roots but the other one doesn't. Both little stubs that are left have turned brown. I'm hoping that they will come back but so far nothing but I will keep the pots for a while longer.


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