'Belgian Hybrids'----modern strain?

bronxfigsAugust 18, 2011


I have read that the European breeders are releasing a more modern, updated-version of "Belgian Hybrids". These newer plants are more compact, and have shorter, thicker, broader leaves. I envision plants looking somewhat like, large Monks.

Where can I find retailers for these plants, and especially flower pics?

Please let me know. I'm interest in learning more about this breeding line.

Thanks, ....Frank

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The biggest names over there right now are pierre de coster and erm...someone else with a name like Vanderloots.

Mr. De Coster is a HUGE seller of "Orange" clivia I have enquired about buying seeds from him but never got a response. Havent tried the other fellow.

It is very hard to chase all the "new" things. We have focused on chasing flowers, as leaf shape is mostly secondary in the US market. Because you are in the minority when it comes to what is most important to you in this country, your going to unfortunately find it hard to find what you are looking for OR will have to pay a premium for it :-/.

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