blue chalk stick turning black

emee(7)July 18, 2014

I bought this plant 6 days ago, repotted 2 days ago & this is what it looks like after repotting. I've already removed several dead leaves. The plant had been watered when I brought it home & has not been watered since. It has not been in the sun since repotting. I was waiting for it to recover but I guess I can forget that. My soil mix is 50% cacti soil, perlite 25%, & 25% pumice or crushed rock .

Any way to save this plant? I'm beginning to get the idea that Succulents may not be my thing. Thanks.

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It looks like rot. The soil should dry out before they're watered again. Do you have drainage holes in the pot?

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Emee that's terrible! I know they are winter growers and hate water in the summer time, they love full sun so maybe take her out side for a sun bath and I know you said you haven't watered so please don't add any even though sometimes we think that's what they may be needing based on other plant needs.

I hope she wakes up, Greg

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Before it goes into full sun get a positive ID Are you sure it is a winter grower ?

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The pot has drainage holes. I know nothing about succulents, but it seems impossible for one that hasn't been watered to rot in 2 days.

Thanks everyone!

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it is rot. if you put it into a significantly larger pot, this plant does not have the root system to use all that water. the roots should only be wet for a few days. and yes, the rot happens very fast. put it outside where it will dry faster. or repot it and do not water it. and it will come back. new leaves will grow as long as the stem has not turned black and mushy.

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