Yellowing Clivia Leaves

sarav2003August 8, 2012


The lower leaves on my Clivia plant are turning yellow. I have one large clivia and two smaller in the same pot. The lower leaves of the larger clivia have turned yellow and one leaf on the smaller clivia is yellow. It is very root bound and I'm unsure of what to do. I've read that by separating the plants they could die or will not bloom. The large clivia plant blooms every year and I don't really want it to stop. Should I buy a larger pot and repot all three or should I separate them?

I'm assuming these leaves have turned yellow because it is root bound and not because of any other reason. Is there anything that could cause the lower leaves to turn yellow? I have never fertilized the plant and repotted it two years ago when I bought it.

Thanks in advance!

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Just checking, but you're sure you're not overwatering ?

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I had a Clivia miniata which I had for about 10 yrs and only repotted for twice. From time to time I'd have yellowing leaves but they were few and caused me no concern.
In September, here in the Soutt, I completely stopped watering it except for maybe a half cut to a cup a water every month. I put it in a place close to the window but not so the sun's rays would reach it.
In the Spring, I increased watering and feeding and it became a dear friend of mine. For some reason, after 10 yrs, it decided it decided to move on and died. I still miss it. Leeflea.

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I would check for mealy bug or scale. If it is neither of those 2 things then the plant is being over watered. The over watering may be due to pockets of water collecting in the pot due to being root bound. I think they make a spectacular display being potted together.

Also Clivia get really long roots in most standard pots the roots will grow circular around the bottom of the pot and if you leave water in a tray under it. The roots will be prone to rot.

The best scenario I have found for my adult plants. Is to plant them in a 1, 3, or 5 gallon standard nursery pot depending on the size of the plant. Then I get one of those planters that does not have holes in it to fit then put a brick or upside down dish to suspend the plant so it does not sit in water. The nursery pots are a little taller than other pots, and they are like a column to allow for more root space rather than being v shaped.

I personally like to use Al's gritty mix on the forums here or a orchid type potting mix-

I am rambling now- I hope I gave you some useful information. I am sure other Clivia enthusiasts will give more ideas on what may be wrong

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Hi Guys!

I'm fairly certain I don't have mealy bug, scale or anything else on the Clivia. I just ran through all the leaves and never found anything strange there.

Leeflea, I've only ever had a few yellow leaves before but this summer I had 3 at a time and became concerned.

I could be over watering but I don't think so because I always feel the soil to see how moist it is beforehand and I only water when it's fairly dry. But water COULD be pooling in the pot because it is so root bound. I'm going to buy a new pot today and hopefully repot all three together tonight. I'll try your tips on providing a way to prevent pooling. Right now I just have a layer of stones on the bottom of the pot. I usually use Tropical Plant Soil mix and the clivia's love it!

Thanks for all your help!

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Yeah repotting is a good idea and you can visually see if there are any rotting roots. If there are no rotten roots then maybe soil is depleted of nutrients- usually does not happen in only 2 years- but if your not fertilizing then it may be more important. I do not think re potting is going to alter your flowering either. Good luck

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Hi guys! I re-potted my plants. There are three in the same pot and they seem to be enjoying it quite a bit. Hopefully the picture worked.

I also have 3 small Clivia's and quite a few seeds planted. Hopefully the seeds will take root so we'll have a jungle of Clivia. I just love these plants!

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That is a spectacular sight. Just awesome. Enjoy it !

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Here's a picture of the 3 seedlings.

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Wow that plant is gorgeous. I thought we were talking about a sickly plant. I love your pot choice it looks lovely in there.

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I should have posted a picture sooner but I never had the time. I don't know if I should have taken the three plants apart but I never this time around. The pot is so big that next time I might have to separate them because it's really hard to find large pots around here. It's in 15 inch pot now. I'm afraid it wouldn't bloom if I separated them.

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That is an absolutely beautiful clivia and looks so perfectly happy in that lovely pot! I probably would have left them all together too so as not to disturb the roots..(I'm just a beginner) please post a picture when it blooms, I'm sure it will be astounding!

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If it is the bottom leafs it can be because it is the old leafs and they starting to die to make place for the newer leaf. Or it may be some other factor that is cussing this. How must water do you give. How good does the potting soil drains after you water it. Where the plant stands does it gets direct sunlight. How many plants are in the pot? Do you give the plant any plant feed or not. And if you do what plant feed do you give the plant.It can be diffrent things that is cosing this.

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That is a beautiful plant! Beautiful.

Please remember this too, that under watering has been a culprit on my plants with yellow leaves, especially if pot bound. Many roots can dehydrate severely while a few get moisture. You must get moisture to every root so you have a balance.


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