Plant ID- plant swap mystery

dogridge(7b nc)May 22, 2010

the plant I brought labeled ?violet has bloomed. it is really pretty bell shaped pink flower.

the foliage is serrated, about 30" tall in part shade.

The bells are about 2" long.

Any ideas what it is?

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tamelask(z8a NC)

I 'll bet it came second hand from me. It's campanula punctacta 'cherry bells'; great plant- but do be careful where you put it b/c it spreads pretty well. I have it in several areas, and have brought it to the swap several times. the person probably thought it was a violet b/c of the foliage. In shade it won't bloom as well but the foliage is semi-evergreen and pretty (and does look a lot like violets).

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I'm not sure, but I think it's some type of campanula. I have a plant that is similar except the flower is white with burgundy specks inside the bell. Nice plant!!

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dogridge(7b nc)


I bet is was from you. i got it last yr. I brought more to the swap this yr, but it had never bloomed, so I wasn't sure what it was. Whoever got the pots I brought this yr, now you know what it is.

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dogridge(7b nc)

One more question-

Will it tolerate full sun?

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tamelask(z8a NC)

Yep, or close to it anyhow. I don't have much full full sun. Do a Google, but pretty sure it will. It does have wine speckles inside. If it's white with wine speckles, it could be c. takesimana, another one that i have and have brought to the swaps. I also have what i believe is a cross of the 2. It flowers pink, but has foliage a bit more like takesimana (shiny) than punctata (slightly hairy). It could be straight punctata, though. You only see the hairiness when it's dry. I think i have more of the cross than anything anymore.

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