transplanting & pruning overgrown Clematis armandii Snowdrift

oliveoyl3April 11, 2012

Can an overgrown Clematis armandii Snowdrift grow back from severe hard pruning & transplanting at the same time?

This 10 year old plant has a main stem is about as thick as my wrist (2") branching to 2 stems about an inch thick all with peeling bark. To free it from the leaning arbor we had to cut it back to about 8' and there are 3 or 4 bare stems.

Our daughter didn't like a few things about the placement of the clem, so I pruned it for her last year to see if she could live with it. The leaning arbor, the dead stems underneath, messy leaves in summer, & shade cast on vegetable garden were all too much, so it had to go.

We dug out as much of the rootball as we could, but the location was tight between a concrete curb, arbor posts, & peony. We wrapped it in newspaper, then burlap & placed in a barrel sized pot then watered it all well before putting in my Suburban. We transplanted it tonight in good soil with a few inches of compost mulch and watered it well. It hasn't rained in a few days, but rain is expected possibly tonight.

Is there anything we can do other than good clematis care to encourage new growth?

Is there a chance that it will make it or it too difficult to transplant a mature clematis like this?

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Having dug out a mature armandii myself, I know firsthand what kind of ordeal that was! These vines develop huge root systems and getting enough of the root system to establish new growth when transplanting is hard to do. Plus, I am a little confused about what the vine looks like after pruning. Is there any foliage on the vine or is it all bare wood? The last concern is the time of year you are attempting this project - now is the least desirable time.

While anything is possible with a healthy clemmie, I'd say you are looking at low odds for this transplant. The only other thing I might suggest is to dose it with a liquid root stimulator.......and keep your fingers crossed :-))

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There is no foliage on the vine.

I realized it wasn't a good time of year for it, but instead of tossing it away I tried to save it. ;o)

How long should I expect to wait for buds to sprout?

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I'd give it a couple of weeks but with no foliage remaining, I will reduce the odds even more. Sorry :-((

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I'm happy to report that it began to bud & sprouted leaves along stems sometime around Mother's Day. We had a 2 week stretch after Mother's Day with unseasonable warm & dry weather, so I kept up with the routine.

water, compost, mulch,
water every 5-7 days

Today there are quite a few stems and leaves. I would still prefer to have it sprout further down & it's showing the purplish buds we first saw toward the ends.

This one was saved with water, compost, mulch...

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Make sure you keep up with the watering as we may finally see some summer weather now that the Rose Festival and July 4th are over....

It is during sudden hot dry spells that newly transplanted plants really suffer.

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Thanks for the watering reminder. I'm loving the sunshine today!

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