'Victorian Peach'..... Where can I find, ......

BronxFigsAugust 9, 2011


Looking for a source for the DARK version of the very successful "VICTORIAN PEACH".

I'm really only interested in the dark-flower form of this plant, but I can't seem to find anyone offering this version. I'll even grow a division, as long as it's from the dark version.

Can anyone post some pics of this plant/flower, and describe the leaf characteristics, e.g. are leaves long, thin, narrow, thick-textured, shorter-than-type, etc. etc.

Thanks for any help with these questions.


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Murillos Exquisite Clivias, Victor Murillo created that strain and now just calls them peaches :)

buy one of the "Dark" peaches and you did it.


Tell him Jon Gilman sent ya :)

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Dear Mr. Gillman,

Thank-you so much for helping me find this beautiful plant. I'll contact him at your suggestion.

Cordially, Frank

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Your Welcome, I love his peaches myself as well :)

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