need clivia info ?

gracie_08September 26, 2008

Now that it is fall I've had my clivia on the porch all summer watering regularly and feeding also so now what is the next step ? Thanks......

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I'll jump in here, since now that tis is my second year blooming a clivia successfully,I feel I can offer some advice. I am in Chicagoland, and I keep my clivai indoors all year, except for about 4-8 weeks intermittently in the autumn/ealry winter. I leave it in an east facing room with direct morning sun (some would argue too much, but it is used to it, so I don't mess with it). It stays on the coffee table all year and I water more in the summer (including taking outside for rain showers). As fall appraoaches,I let it dry out more frequently (no rules, but pretend water every 10 days becomes water every 18 days, and eventually water every 24 days, etc.). I also bring it to the garage/shed/cellar at night so it is around 35-50F. The colder the temps I expose it to, the longer it dries out between waterings). Once I see the bud puishing through the stalk I increase the frequency of water and permanantly send it to the living room on the coffee table. When I bought it at Christmas time it was in bloom, last year it bloomed in March, and this year it will bloom around Christmas again. I do the same treatment with my christmas cactus, several orchids (dendrobium-nobile type and cymbidium), clivia, amarylis, andmy epiphytic cacti when they are old enough to bloom (too young).

hope that helps.

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