Clivia seedlings & repotting

seaecho1(SW CA)September 1, 2007

Hi - I received four clivia seedlings from an ebay seller. They are my first clivias. They arrived very healthy looking and perky after being shipped. All four plants are in the same 6 oz styrofoam cup. Each plant is about 5" tall and has two leaves. My question: should I repot each plant into individual pots now? Or wait until next spring? I am afraid all the roots will be tangled together and am fearful I might lose my new babies! I know clivias don't like being repotted, but they will soon outgrow this little cup. Thank you.


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I know almost nothing about clivias and am just going by what worked for me. I started several clivia seeds in a pot and divided them into individual containers when they were at the 2 leaf stage but only a couple inches tall. If I recall correctly it was mainly one really long root on each plant and was pretty easy to separate. Yours are much taller then mine were and probably have a better developed root system so they might not be as easy to tease apart but I think the sooner the better because it won't get any easier. I could be way off base and hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge about clivias will chime in. Good luck.

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