Well composted horse manure

Tammy KennedyMay 29, 2008

Will be offered in Clayton on Sunday the 8th from 1-3. Her neighbor has a CAT and will load your truck up for you. Very nice folks. Her name is Denise, and she does this spring and fall. I have her number, if you email me i'll send it to you if you have ?'s. The compost has been very well composted for us, and we've gotten it 3x now, i beleive. They don't use much straw, so it's very clean and i haven't had weed problems from using it. You'll get some rye growing, and occasionally poke berries, but they're easy enough to watch for. My plants have been loving it and the rest of pile that was left all winter at my house had many dozens of worms in it when i spread it around this spring. It soaks up moisture like a sponge.

The directions are: take 70 south to the bojangles, and turn left onto shotwell rd. Go through old garner road, turn right onto covered bridge rd. When you're coming up to where it T's, bear to the left til you get to the stop sign. Turn left onto covered bridge (again). Follow til you get to the stop sign/blinker, and make a right onto buffaloe rd. Go 1.5 miles, look on the left for Raintree drive, which is a dirt road. Her barn is on the right, and the manure is just beyond it.

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Thanks for the information. This is right around the corner from me. However, this is also my daughter's 5th birthday, (I can't believe she's getting so big), so I won't be able to pick up the compost this day. I am really interested in picking some up in th Fall when they offer it again.

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Tammy Kennedy

I'll be sure to post!

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Have you heard anything about the fall offerings? I drive by this farm daily on my way to my daughter's school. I'm chomping at the bit (I know bad pun) . . .

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Tammy Kennedy

no- haven't heard anything, but i can email her and see. You can always stop and ask her yourself- she's very sweet. Denise is her name. She'd be tickled to know you're interested.

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