2nd Succulent ID, anyone?

kwie2011July 28, 2014

Here are 9 more plants I'd like to ID before bringing them home. Anyone care to exercise their ID skills? (I don't ask too much, huh?) Any help is appreciated.

This 1st one is interesting. Maybe a Sebum species?

I'm sure some of the rest are Crassula, but I don't know how many, and I can't begin to guess species, so any help is help! Thanks, guys!








I'm really sorry I can't upload photos to GW from my mobile. I know the links are a pain in the butt. :-(


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1. Sedum rubrotinctum 'pork and beans' or 'jelly beans'
2. Senecio mandraliscae 'Blue chalk sticks'
3. Portulacaria afra f .variegata 'Elephant Bush'
4-5: I want to say Graptopetalum but I'm unsure
6. I think this is another sedum. Sedum nussbaumerianum?
7. Again grapto but not sure..
8-9. Aeonium

I love IDing! Haha..

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That's awesome, Dave! I'd have never guessed the pale green jade-like thing was a sedum, ever. And the other is "Jelly Beans," which gets bright red if exposed to direct sunlight, right? Will have to see if they'll grow here. I like those two and the two wooly ones quite a lot.

I'm glad you like IDing. That could've taken me a year. Now I get to research to see if I can grow the little buggers here.


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Yeah the sedums you showed here will turn to nice colours if exposed to sun. But remember to do that gradually, otherwise they will get sunburned.

No problem!

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Awesome. Succulents are so much fun! Thanks again for your help!

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Good job, David!

I agree with David's IDs on 1,2,3 & 9. I would not have put their common names in double quotes, though.

4. xGraptoveria 'Fred Ives'.
5. Looks like a xGrapto-something, maybe xGraptosedum or xGraptoveria
6. Sedum adolphii
7. possibly xGraptosedum
8. Maybe a Senecio -the veining in the leaves throws me off & I haven't seen this one in a long while.
9. type of Aeonium

*Oh wow! I wrote this yesterday at 2pm. Looked this morn & didn't see my response post. Freaked, because I knew I wrote it. Yay! It was still here on another tab, waiting for me to click the Submit button! I nee more SLEEP!

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Haha I've done that so many times, thinking that I posted it but actually didn't press the submit button yet.

Oh right, now I've fixed them!
I'm not good with the Grapto-s, so good thing Rosemarie is here for the rescue!

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Thanks for the additional IDs. Did you page through photos to find those others, guys? That's really going the extra mile. Thank you. :-)

I went back yesterday only to find someone had scooped up almost the entire collection. Sadly, both Sedums were gone. I really wanted them, especially that little "Jelly Beans" once I knew what it was. I did get the lovely, velvety E. pulvinata though, and another little pinkish-purplish-chalky guy I don't think we've IDed yet - $1.50! It's tiny, but that's good for now. I'll have fun growing them and seeing if I can get succulents to bloom in western Oregon!

When you say xGrapto, you mean an unknown Grapto hybrid, right? And genus + cultivar name without the species name included probably means a hybrid rather than a mutation, correct?

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Glad to help, Kwie. No, I don't page through photos (much) these days. I'm a plantoholic & remember plants/names because of my keen interest in them! =) Glad you appreciate the extra mile. :D

Too bad someone else swooped on your intended cartjumpers! Glad you got a couple, anyway.

When I say xGrapto, I'm referring to an intergeneric, like xGraptosedum, or xGraptoveria (Graptopetalum crossed with either Sedum or Echeveria). There are others, but you get the idea. Not so important to know if a plant is a mutation, but those, hybrids & cultivars will be in single quotes, along with the genus name. Species name isn't always included.

I think I'd better quit. I'm too tired & that's when I make mistakes. :P

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Ah, I hate that when you see a plant you like and when you go back for it it's gone. That's why I went back to IKEA today to secure my Stapelia, I had my eyes set on this one with some buds, lucky me it was still there!
I'm sure you can acquire them some other time, those sedums are not hard to find.

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Thanks again, guys. And thanks for the education, rosemeriero!

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