Identification of succulent

saunders9017July 1, 2014

I bought this aloe looking succulent at Walmart about 9 months ago although it is doing ok, so I think.. I would like to identify it so I know I am taking proper care. I have looked all over the internet and not bean successful:( although I am hoping someone here will recognize it at reply. Please comment!

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A. aaegeodonta? some form of Aloe. good thing is most aloe are generalized with the same care. I dont have any because of my cats. I read they get sick off them if the do eat it. Maybe Ming can chime in. Ive noticed ming is usually dead on.

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

The pressure's too much! I'm not awesome at aloes and the only thing I've seen that's big and toothy like that at box stores is maybe A. arborescens.
I might not bet a million on it so I'm gonna have to phone a friend... Jeff or Rosemarie are better at it!


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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Hard to say, but seems somewhat like Lomatophyllum prostratum, (sometimes included in Aloe), although I doubt WalMart would be carrying this. So, I'll say it's a type of Aloe (like Ming said, possibly A. arborescens). If/when it flowers, please come back with a pic...which would help tremendously in its ID.

It looks like it may want a drink! =)

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Thank you all so much!:)) I think it is probably a Lomatophyllum prostratum although I would not rule out arborescens... And yes it did need a drink lol

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And I forgot to mention this plant does not appear to have high light requirements, when I first got it I placed it in a shaded south window when I checked on it a few days later it was almost completely brown. Now it is a distance away from a window under uv light and it seems to have regained all but a little of its color. I also sent a nether pic if it helps...

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