Help with succulent cuttings

LilBit7765July 13, 2014

I know I'm on here ALOT for advice........but I'm still new to this and well I've
proppogated (I don't think I spelled that right so please excuse my spelling errors lol) quite a few succulent leaves. Quite a few have little babies on them some don't but they have a bunch of roots. My questions are ( I've looked quite a bit on here and am still not a 100 percent sure) the ones that actually have babies, how big do I let them get before I plant them? The leaves that only have roots do I leave EVEN LONGER to see if anything sprouts? From what I've read here not all the cuttings with roots will ever grow plants so what's a good time frame to give them before I should call them lost? And FINALLY, I STILL can't get a jade leaf cutting to grow or even sprout a single root. I've tried laying on top of soil, covering just the tip, covering It half way, rooting hormone, no rooting hormone. In fact I had someone that works at a nursery tell me to plant the WHOLE leaf about an inch down in soil. So I've even done this. They are with all my other cuttings that have taken off except the jades. The only one that is doing good is the cutting from the stem I did from my plant I had to cut back. Just wondering if someone knows the secret to get these to grow from a leaf. As ALWAYS, ALL your advice is MUCH appreciated!! Thanks! :)

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I do know if you are using a cutting to let it dry before you plant it. When I have started mine from the leaves I simply lay it on the soil and water it. It has taken a long time though. I think it took over a month to see any new growth on one plant started from a leaf. Good luck to you

Here is a link that might be useful: How to start a jade plant from a leaf or cutting

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Thanks! :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Looks like a link to shop at Lowes.

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