Propagating Thanksgiving cactus

CactusBoss(Zone 5a)July 27, 2013

I notice how every website says to take at least three segments. This was after I planted several single segment cuttings in a pot. Will they not root If I only took single segments or does it not matter?

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nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)

I have had single segments root for me. I think the multiple segments recomendation is to allow more points for roots to grow. More roots gives the cutting a better chance of success.

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CactusBoss(Zone 5a)

How exactly do you root them?

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The reason they say 3 is because one segment alone may not root, you have a much better chance w/3.

This is a good time to root them. Take some damp, not wet, soil high in organic matter. For rooting purposes you can actually use leaves from your other plants. Aglaonemas and other leafy tropicals work well for me, but I have used birch leaves mixed with maples and other native hardwoods. Avoid oak and walnut. It works best if I stand them vertically along the sides of the pot with the pot on one side and the dirt/leaves on the other.

I put the segments barely under the material, cover it lightly and place it in a well lit, warm location. Kept warm and damp, and at this time of year, roots form in about 2-3 weeks. There are many other ways I'm sure. This is my intentional method.

The most common method here is for a segment to fall undetected between the pots. By the time I find it, there are small roots coming between the segments. Summers in S. Penn. must be somewhat like the habitat they come from.

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