Epi Bloom

aezarien(7b)May 5, 2011

Anybody have any clue which variety this is? I know there is a forum for it but seen that there were a few epiphiles on here too.

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WOW - That's beautiful! I don't know the variety. How did you get it to bloom? I've had an epi for 3 years now that I got at the swap. I haven't seen a bloom yet - just growth. Is there a trick to getting these these things to bloom? Mine was inside my house all winter long and recently I put it on my front porch. Waiting for a bloom. . .

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Thank you both. As far as how to get them to bloom. I haven't the foggiest. I can tell you the conditions they were under but as to if that is the right thing to do I don't know. I do know that some varieties have to reach a level of maturity before they bloom and outside of my strictum, none of the others (out of over a dozen varieties) have bloomed before this year. Now I am seeing them bloom one after another. I think I have seven, including the strictum that have bloomed or are about to bloom.

First, I did have them in a heated greenhouse all winter. My aim was mostly to keep them over freezing, not to give them warmer growing conditions. I did not water them much but every time I did water them, I did with the addition of miracle grow until it got warm then I quit feeding them. I have also left them in the greenhouse (which it is VERY hot in there now) even after it got warm. Usually I move them directly outside as soon as it gets warm enough for them to stay out there and I haven't fed them through the winter, only in the Fall. Like I said though.. Not sure what combination of that actually made them bloom.

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Thanks for the info and for sharing your photos. I'm not sure what I'm doing for these epis is right. I got 3 or 4 small epi a couple of years ago at one of the swaps (G-boro-H.P., I think). I put all of them in the same big hanging container. They've grown to be about 16" - 20" in length. But no blooms. In the Spring or when temp get warmer I take them outside and bring them inside the house when the temperatures get cooler. But still no blooms. I think this is the 3rd Spring that I've had them. Any suggestions on how to get them to bloom?

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Not really. I don't know what combination of things made them bloom. I know they grow in the crotches of trees so their natural habitat is in filtered sun and they don't require a lot of water. Mine are really pot-bound too. Seems the more I neglect them, the better they do. I'm not using any special fertilizers either, just miracle grow.

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Ok - thanks for the info. I'm going to try some Miracle Grow on them and see what happens.

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