What is it and is it salvageable?

Sara GallupJuly 21, 2012

I recently inherited an overgrown & neglected succulent / cactus garden with my new house. Found this guy after clearing out a large section of aloe and/or agave that was past the point of no return. I am a former apt dweller and am new to this whole gardening thing (but loving it so far), so any help and/or advice would be awesome:)Thanks in advance!

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It is an epiphytic cactus, which means it grows up in the trees of jungles ... which also means it can handle a bunch more water, but no cold at all

Looks like an epiphyllum ... you could dig it up and put it in a hanging pot, and with lots of love and care, it will cascade down the pot and maybe some day give you a beautiful flower.

Im wondering what the spot on it are ... is it burn, or some bug? Hopefully someone comes and tells

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

Is that in the ground? I would dig it up. Wash off the roots and plant it in a very airy well draining mix like small orchid bark or long strand spagnum.

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Sara Gallup

Yes it's in the ground. Would "cactus" mix work? And is it a full sun type? Thanks!

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If you can salvage it, the plant will do best in mostly shade, outside in a hanging pot like Micro said. Epiphytic cacti can take a thicker soil mix that retains moisture longer than the gritty stuff we like to make around here. So yes, a bagged cactus mix will do just fine.

It looks a little burnt but not beyond saving. Don't count on the existing leaves getting any better or growing. Once re-established, it will send up brand-new growth from below.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Some types of epi will take a tad of cold and others are really alergic to it. E. oxypetalum is a bit better about getting to 32F but others don't want to be close to it. They will grow back from their roots but will be weak for a season or 2 while they get back on their feet.. I am always testing cold tolerance because of where I live, my inherent laziness, and miles thick sense of denial.

Some say that these plants love good leaf much also. Many will use African violet soil.

Some of these plants get LARGE.

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