Clivia as a houseplant

shaunsarctic_orchids(z0 NWT,Can)October 7, 2006

This is my Clivia growing as a lowlight houseplant (ENE window). With a more northern orientation they don't flower at our latitude (I try to gently recommend more light when people tell me their Clivia doesn't flower here). This is the fourth or fifth flowering since division and it finally produced it's first pup last year. I have given away all the seedlings I've started but I will plant this years seeds now ( a little late but I use a light cart anyway). I just looked on Ebay and there were some interesting offerings.


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Wonderful photo! I just checked your personal page & am fascinated/amazed by the variety of fairly demanding plants you're growing under VERY demanding circumstances.

I whine constantly about the brutalities of my southern coastal climate (z8NC) . . . You've helped me put things in perspective!

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dries(South Africa)

Well done Sean!!!!!!!!

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Shaun, your plants look really nice and the stand is so cute. I had one similiar, but it broke..LOL..Toni

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Shaun, beautiful pics! The Clivia appears to have had the best of care. :) Arum

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