How many seeds?

shaunsarctic_orchids(z0 NWT,Can)October 9, 2006

How many fertile seeds can be expected from from a blooming spike? While my plant has bloomed multiple times I certainly wouldn't consider the largest growth to be fully mature. My latestest seed harvest was 6 seeds from 5 pods(?) this year being the first where 2 viable seeds were produced by one pod (last year had a double seed but one wasn't viable. My plant produces between 14 and 17 flowers but only 1/3 take pollination can I expect more as the plant matures and how many seeds can one pod produce under optimum conditions?



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dries(South Africa)

Ideally each flower can produce a berry and a berry has been recorded to contain op to 22 seeds. So an umbel of say 12 florets can produce over 200 seeds.
What limits the number of seeds per berry and number of florets developing into berries are:
1. If a plant is selfed, normally less seeds are produced per berry.A plant is normally selfed if there is no other plant of a different clone nearby.
2. If polination is left to nature, seed development is normally poor and sometimes (in absence of polinators) can be zero.
3. If you manually polinate a flower with another plant (cross polination) seed formation is much better.
4. Berrie size is sometimes herrideratery
Some plants are self sterile.
Hope this helps.

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shaunsarctic_orchids(z0 NWT,Can)

Thanks Dries that's exactly what I needed to know. Now if I could just find a different flowering Clivia next year when my plant blooms again (there probably isn't anymore than 10 Clivias for over a 1000 kms). I'll just have to aquire some more to increase the gene pool :)

Thanks again

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Hi Shaun,

All it takes is pollen. There are so many other clivia growers in North America, that all you have to do is ask. There are several growers in Canada also. I think your header stated you were from Canada. I don't know Canada's importation requirements for pollen from the USA, but probably fairly relaxed. Let me know or ask on the yahoo group clivia site if there are any Canadian clivia growers who are willing to share pollen. If there aren't any restrictions on importing pollen, then open it up to the rest of the world and I am sure you will be flooded with pollen from this generous group.

Sacramento, CA

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akmo(z5/sw missouri)

Craig, that's an interesting idea. And I understand that pollen keeps very well.....does anyone know?

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dries(South Africa)

If kept frozen, pollen can last a year+. Many folk trade/swop pollen around the world.

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marthacr(z5 Me)

I would love to cross pollinate my clivia with someone else's plant. What is the best way to harvest, package and store it?
This will be my first attempt at plant pollination in my 25 yrs of gardening!
I would trade with someone or maybe a local florist would be willing to give me some if I ask. Do you think a vendor at a flower show might be willing to do this? I often see clivias in bloom at the Mass flower show...

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