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badams007(4A)October 2, 2006

I paid for some seeds almost a year ago from an Australian source never to hear from the person again. Is there a decent US source for some yellow seed ? I'm not fussy about the specific variety, but want to build up a variety of these lovely plants.

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dries(South Africa)

Sorry to hear of your misfortune with the seeds!!
I can suggest a friend in the USA by the name of Craig Ruggles. You can mail him on Rugg1999@prodigy.net. He stays in CA. Another option is Jim Shield. There is a link to his website on my website.
I must warn you, however, 'Clivianitis' may be as contagious as 'Irisites'!!! On a serious note, it is a wonderful plant and well worth the consequenses.
Please visit my website and enjoy some of my Clivia photos. Once I manage embedding photos, I will post some here.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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You can do a search for clivia seeds and probably find an abundance of sources. Lisa Mannion is a specialty grower in New Zealand will send them here to the US. She has excellent stock. Also, here in the US there is John at Floral Architecture. He has a great variety of plants and he sells seeds as well. Always fresh but the last time I got some from him, they were a bit spendy. He does do auctions on ebay and he is a very honest seller. Good luck.

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dries, what beautiful Clivias, especially the varigated one! I'm drooling all over my keyboard! :) Arum

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Park Seed, in South Carolina, has yellow seed -- they guarantee one will be so -- priced near twenty dollars for two seeds. Haven't tried them, but may be worth the try.

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hairy3(zone 7)

Check out ebay as well, lots of seed being sold on there. Some nice yellows as well

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

A couple years ago, I got seed from the American Clivia society. Seems to me it was quite reasonable but it is an "as available" item.
It included pretty good instructions too.

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I have a pet peeve w/Parks Seeds..In 82, I ordered green leaf Clivia from them..I got 5 seeds for 7.99 or so. The seeds took a while, but finally germinated and to this day I've a beautiful plant that blooms yrly.
2 Christmas' ago, my son ordered variegated clivia seeds for me, from Parks..I did everything for those seed, and nada..3 months later still no leaves..I wrote them, and they said they couldn't or wouldn't refund my money or send me new seeds because of the time allowed.
Before I knew Ebay had them availbe, I again ordered from Parks. Months went by w/o a word..I finally wrote them asking where the seeds were, and they wrote back none were in stock.
I'm almost positive they thought I'd reorder, then say the seeds didn't germinate so they'd have to refund my money..
I used to be a 'big time spender' at Parks, but no more.
I'm not one to complain about nurseries, believe me, I do a lot of online ordering, but when someone doesn't even bother to write back, lies to me saying the seeds are sold out, they're on my ***t list..Toni

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The best time to acquire seeds here in the USA is about March/April. There are so many types available. There aren't really any large, reliable sellers (yet!) similar to the listings that come out of South Africa every Jan-March. If you can wait a few months, I"ll have some available. Doug Eckel (cycads on ebay) usually lists his seeds for reasonable prices. He is also a reliable source. Also, some of the prices I saw here were outrageous. Most yellow seeds should only be a few dollars at most. Some unique crosses may sell for more. When you get up to $10-15 for a seed of unknown potential, it should have some great parents and variegation. These will take about 4-5 years to flower, and you may lose a percentage along the way. In comparison, flowering sized yellows (all types of flowers)are available through Solomone's nursery for somewhere in the $30's, and they will flower this year. On the West Coast, Home Depot and Lowes have yellow clivias in March for less than $30 flowering size. Hoepfully this helps.

Craig Ruggles
Sacramento, CA

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