How do I take these out of here?

PhytoRoJuly 9, 2013

I got this beautiful pot as a gift, but I guess with time I will have to take these plants out of the pot and into some fresh soil and better growing conditions. The problem is that they are underneath a glued layer of tiny stones. How can I do to take them out of here? Any ideas?

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I have had luck with this by setting the pot out in the sun and letting it get warm ( obviously transition it into full sun if its not already in it ) and peeling chunks of the rocks out with my fingers. sometimes I have needed to carefully use a small screwdriver to pry up a section of stones, ... but you need to be careful if you do that as you could damage roots. once you get a small section peeled out, you should be able to do the rest with you're fingers.

definitely replace the mix. I have yet to see one of these "pre-fab" pots come with the proper soil for succulents.

the ONLY succulent i have gotten root rot with was in one of these "pre-fabs" and i didn't realize they were in inappropriate soil at the time.

Make sure your pot has drain holes too. I seen many that don't have them..

hope that helps

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Very carefully...

Actually this is quite a common practice today, for convenience in shipping, so the rocks don't fall out. Very inconvenient for the consumer, however. I might wet the rocks to see if that helps unglue them, otherwise it is a matter of chipping away a few at a time, trying not to damage the roots. Or maybe soak in a bucket of water up to the roots, to loosen the rocks enough to remove the plants. Good luck!


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I had success with a spray bottle and a chopstick. Spray a section lightly with water, let sit for just a few minutes. Use a chopstick (or any pointy thing) to pry up the section of rocks as the glue softens.
Patience is the key.

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