propagating, I have roots, now what?

mrslenne(9 PHX, AZ)July 13, 2013

all these are inside on a north facing window seal, I lightly mist them daily and have some roots coming out. some are stems, some are leaves and some of the leaves have babies already. what do I do now?

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I usually put mine in a well draining mix, make sure the roots are covered and continue to mist (well... here in FL I leave them on my screened porch and let all this lovely rain mist them for me) then, just wait....

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Is it okay to mist cuttings even though they haven't root yet? If yes, how often?

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You do not want to mist cuttings without roots as it will just promote rot. Keep cuttings dry (leaves and soil) as they take root and then begin a misting schedule of 2-3 times per week to encourage growth. Best of luck!

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Not true whatsoever, friend. That's exactly what I do to promote roots and rooting on cuttings / leaves which have neither. If they're rooted they're ready for watering, but until then they're mist-worthy - your suggested schedule is spot on. I wish I could remember to mist even that often!

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mrslenne(9 PHX, AZ)

I would like to thank every one for their responces. I took the plunge and buried the little roots. My plants are now thriving more than ever, taking root and popping up new flowers. I love it, and it is so cool to watch. I did keep in the window sill and have also continued to mist them daily to every other day. The roots are now spreading out and wrapping themselves in the soil. Does anyone know about how long it takes to get full grown? I am assuming I can expect that around this spring??

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Hi Mrslenne, I'm a bit off-topic but I LOVE that picture collage you made with your succulents - what kind of program is that? Love the borders and the fonts!

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mrslenne(9 PHX, AZ)

LuluLee, it is an app in the Google Play Market called Photo Grid ð I love it.

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I just got roots also. Some have tiny little leaves. I've just been misting everyday. I'm just so fascinated with this process. I guess it's not good to tamper with them to check the root growth? I cant help it. It's so cute and exciting! I will let them be. Once the baby plants start to grow in, how long do you wait to replant them into a new home?

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Thanks mrslenne, I'll go check it out :-)

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ok well since i didnt get a response to my last question, ill ask another. I often visit Lowes to look at their succulents, they have a very good selection here in my town of Shreveport. I notice that the fallen leaves of some of the plants have baby plants growing off of them and it seems like there is no shriveling to the mother leave what so ever. Im pretty sure Lowes waters their plants every day and im pretty sure they dont have them in a good mix, so my point is, what gives? Im over here "babying" my cuttings and theirs are just falling left and right and just sprouting like hot cakes. Kind of

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Benign neglect, sayeth The Book. Those mother leaves will shrivel up, it's just that they're still getting lots of water, as you noted, while yours might be getting the occasional spritz.

I'm for the stressed style myself, but others prefer the prosperously plump look.

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Now you can water, it depends on the plant and where you are growing.this plant You failed to mention the species. Small plant small roots, small pot. grandually increase size of pot as needed. Norma

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Well they do have them in small pots. My cuttings are all gathered in a medium sized tericotta pot. I guess I can try an ice tray so when I mist they will get more of the concentration of the water.

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