Clivia Nobilis

hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)October 2, 2009

Species Type or wild occurring Clivia native to South Africa. This species is very slow growing. This plant is probably around 9 or more years of age and has yet to bloom. I think it has very slowly produced up to 4 leaves in the 2 years I have had it. There is a very small offset that is growing along side. This is another pendant or drooping flower type Clivia. Nobilis is more tolerant of bright light and sunny conditions than Clivia Miniata.

Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerfarmandGardens Blog

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What would you say might be the cultural differences that provoke offsetting rather than blooming?

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hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)

Hi Joe,
If you understand the needs of the Clivia species you are growing. And if you give them the best care possible. You can increase your chances of an offset or increase your chances of blooming but it is really partially genetic and climactic differences that make the greatest impact. If and when your Clivia will bloom or offset is different for each and every plant. Some like the Belgians will bloom seasonally like clockwork, some 2x per season. Many Interspecific - A cross between 2 species will offset rapidly, also Clivia Gardenii are more inclined to produce offsets. Some such as those originating in China have been bred for generations to seldom if ever produce an offset.

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