SL Monk w/ orange,red Flowers

hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)October 2, 2009

Hopefully someday I will have a pic of this in bloom to share! It is a lovely plant none the less so here it is! This plant was selected out from 100's in Chinese Flower Markets (think Seattle WA USA open air fruit and fish markets)

It was selected for Red/Orange deepest color red out of those available.

Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerfarmandGardens Blog

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Hardytropicalguy: Just wanted to say thanks for posting the pictures of your Clivia collection. I enjoyed seeing the variety that you have there. I have 1 Clivia that I swapped for a couple of years ago and am awaiting any sign of flowering. It has good structure and is pleasing to the eye. I am hopeful for future flowering.I also have three Clivia seedlings that were recently provided to me by a generous fellow Canadian trader. I guess i will be awaiting on them for several years yet. Keep up the good work. Ross.

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Ditto the thanks (although I'm not sure my bank account will thank you). They're all fabulous - it is a pleasurable addiction, isn't it?

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I add my thanks. I especially like the way you emphasize the foliage on some striking plants.

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hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)

Here is the plant in bloom 2011

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hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)

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hardytropicalguy ... that's a real beauty with large full flowers and great color, I wish I had it sitting in my window :)

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