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helga1October 3, 2006

Hello! Glad, someone finally started a Clivia site.

I live in the PNW and have grown this Clivia for some years. It blooms every year, however, I do not know how to best bring it over the winter. I think the plant could bring many more flower spikes if it was cared for properly.

Also, what kind of fertilizer and when to feed?

If anyone can give me advise on this, I'd sure appreciate it.


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fgilles02420(z6 MA)

I'm no expert at all, but here's what I do with mine (I'm in zone 6). They go outside in the shade in summer. Around the end of September I bring them inside to a north facing window. For the months of November and October I put them in the basement - its cool but not cold, they get barely any light and no water, I just ignore them. Then I bring them back up to the north facing window and start watering. I usually get three bloom periods per year from the orange ones; only one if I'm lucky from the yellow ones!

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Well Frances seems to have the right idea! It's good to keep the Clivia on the really cool side in fall and winter, but not freezing. Also I find that if I give my Chivia's a very weak solution of miracle grow, or peters fertilizer each time I water them, they bloom like crazy. :) Arum

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I just found you folks today.
I was given an orange clivia last spring by a friend who has about 10 huge ones from her late MIL. She too overwinters them in the basement, but I thought that was because they take up so much space. Mine is in a cool front hall, but perhaps I should consider the fruit cellar for it if less light and water are advised. Any thoughts? Then do I bring it upstairs again at Christmas time?

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My Clivais are set outside in summer in semi-full sun. That's when they're fertilized w/20-20-20
I keep them outside until just before frost, then set in a back plant room w/o heat in sw windows..Soil is left to dry completely..only when it's totally crumbly is it watered. It starts budding anytime between Feb and Mar and continues until July..Toni

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