Succulents in Paradise...

kaktuskrisJuly 27, 2013

In September I am heading back to the Philippines for three weeks, can't wait! Last time saw some awesome Euphorbia, Adenium obesum, Sansevieria, Yucca, other succulents, Bananas, Coconut Palms, Papayas everywhere, eager to see what else I can find. And the green Calamondin Orange, or Calamansi, is a staple, used in a sauce with soy, cane vinegar and tiny hot pepper...It grows wild there. I will be in succulent and tropical heaven indeed...

This was last time...


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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

That is a beautiful COT! Never seen a picture of one so big.

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Very common over there, Stephanie.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Lucky you...I was born in the was in the army at the time and met my Mom there. Left when I was 10 yrs old , long, long time ago,lol... but remembered all the wonderful fruits there...Mangoes being my most favorite. Enjoy your trip in Sept. one of these days I'll have to sister is there now and my brother lives there half a I know what I'm missing when it comes to tropical plants and fruits...

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Beautiful. Have a great time! Bring me back some Lumpia:)

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Thanks, I will make sure I enjoy it, with my family to be. I'll try to drink my share of Red Horse Ale by San Miguel, the local rum, foods like sizzling pork sisig and lechon, and of course try as many different tropical fruits as I can find in the local market. One think I refuse to try is Balut, which is an egg with an almost fully developed chick inside.

Intend to visit a local orphanage there as well, to donate some school supplies and maybe some clothes also. The Philippines is a tropical paradise, but with a degree of poverty that doesn't exist here.

Now, back to plants...the many types of Crotons and Plumeria are trees there, huge. Phalaenopsis Orchids are natives, thriving in the high humidity. Sansevieria are everywhere in spite of that...

Can't wait...

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