dividing clivia pups

albabela(8 WA (US))October 5, 2006

My very first Clivia bloomed this March-April. Now I can see two pups by the side of the mommy plant. I have been debating to lift it up and divide the babies or not. Is there a better time to do this?

PS I love this plant. It is so stunning. I am so glad to see its own forum.

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Alba, how tall are the pups? I'd wait, at the minimum, until they're at least 6" tall..Toni

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dries(South Africa)

My advice will be not to devide. A clone always looks more impresive than single plants!!
If you look on my photos you will see a clump of a de Coster plants that may prove the point.
Furthermore, if you take off an offset when small, they grow even slower than a seedling.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Photobucket photos

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I agree with Dries about dividing..a full plant looks so much nicer than one trunk..but if you're determined to divide, wait until pups are at least 7" in height..Remove plant from pot. (I prefer doing this when soil is dry) Gently loosen soil around pup..YOu can then cut into roots using a sharp knife. Plant pups in small pot, approximately 3". Place mom back in the same pot.
My clivia is planted in well-draining soil..Clay or plastic pots work best..Water thoroughly but let soil dry between waterings. Toni

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Ditto! Dries has the right idea. Anyway, when you mess with them, it shocks them, and they don't usually bloom the next year. That's my experience anyway. :) Arum

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