Yellow Leaf SL Monk

hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)October 2, 2009

Yellow Leaf Short Leaf Monk

Trouble in Paradise! This was a plant similar to one I mentioned in another post. This plant lost it's crown or growing point so it is regenerating itself by producing an offset. Even by producing an offset there is no guarantee it will exactly replicate the plant. This is especially true of variegated plants. Someday this should be a very nice plant again tho I am holding thumbs as they say in South Africa. Fingers Crossed!

Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerfarmandGardens Blog

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Hardy..I have a question that has nothing to do with your Clivia, sorry..

While looking at your site/blog, I noticed a pic of your Clerodendron 'Bungei' overwintered outdoors in z6..
Would you happen to know if C. 'Thomsoniae' would survive outdoors in IL, z5?
Is your Bungei deciduous or evergreen during winter months?

Your Yellow Short Leaf Monk is beautiful.
You coin this Clivia short leaf, but the foliage looks large or at the miniumum, medium large. Is it the picture or plant? Sorry, I'm trying to understand and learn about various Clivias.. :)
I'll keep my fingers crossed your Clivia fares well, too.
Oh, BTW...Are you saying this Clivia has rot? Was it overwatered? If so, did it happen while in your care? The reason I'm asking is, 1. pot is clay, 2. your medium looks like it'd dry in no time. Is it completely soil-less? Toni

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hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)

This plant was purchased as Yellow Leaf SL Monk but is probably just an average Chinese Monk Clivia. Whatever it is the offset bloomed this spring 2/20/2011

I have lovingly nicknamed this one U.D. for Ugly duckling just like the story the offspring may become the beautiful swan.

The umble and florets are nothing to write home about so there is room for improvement with this plant. It has a very compast shape and nice leaves going for it though so is a valuable plant in my breeding program.

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