Tylecodon deciphens

bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MIJuly 26, 2013

OK, this is the first Tylecodon I've ever had. I know they are supposed to be dormant until this fall so water restriction is very important. The past several weeks we've had very warm humid weather. I have been putting, literally, drops of water on it every week to 10 days. I looked at it tonight and not only do I see very small growth on the ends of some of the stems but the eruption of a new green stem coming from just below the mix level. I tried to get a picture and it may be forthcoming in the AM with more light. Anyway, my question is: Do I give it a bit more water or maintain the status quo until I see more vigorous growth later this fall? I really don't want to knock off this one!

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Winter growers go out side last for me I keep mine on the coolest sun set side with less than one ounce of water sense mid May on the back wall side of an open but still a covered room I have a "small surprise" or dumb luck but will continue the same summer dormant plant practices next year as well
be back after the small ( super tiny) dumb luck surprise.

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next one is the small sized plant I would wait untill new growth is seen before increasing by area it's kept in It seems my air has more moisture than I thought Increasing watering now IMO may be to soon keep doing what your doing and wait for it before increasing water but GRADUALLY increasing after the " more vigor" is seen..

Dumb luck is possible but maybe not, I intentionally over potted to remind me to water less when dormant.

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Boy am I glad bikerdoc posted this question, since I registered just to ask the same thing! I recently acquired mine and have been putting off watering since I know they are supposed to be dormant right now. However, the plant is about two inches tall and has it's leaves, plus it has tiny new growths coming out at various positions. Do different rules apply to seedlings?

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(Rules? LOL) I'll read rules to mean practices Maybe less watering for smaller sized in comparison to one bigger. For me the main concerns are (1) to keep them cooler (2)as most cases such as these under watering is going to be better than over watering.

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