birdsnbloomsOctober 22, 2006

My oldest Clivia, (24 yrs old, started from seed) blooms yrly..My question is, I've read that leaving seed on will reduce or halt the following yrs flowers. Is this true? Thanks, Toni

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Well, it seems that when any plant puts out seed, it takes energy out of it, so that could very well be true. :) Arum

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dries(South Africa)

Most clivia breeders take seeds from top plants every year, However, I agree with Arum. It may be good to skip a year from time to time (remove the seeds).
Another issue to consider, Clivia seeds flower every 12 months. Seeds are normally viable after 6 months. So, is this not the plants way to recover if seeds are picked when ready and allow the plant 6 months rest befor the next flowering?

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