Argyroderma not improving since arrival..

DavidL.caJuly 30, 2014

Since the arrival of my mesembs, the Lithops and Pleiospilos are doing quite well but this is the only plant so far that I have not been able to figure out. While it's only been a bit over a month, but when it arrived it had a bit of wrinkly skins and also a few split from possible overwatering on the sides. I was told to leave it be and keep it away from sun and without water for at least a week or so and I've done that.
Around 2 weeks in I gave it a very very slight splash of water, and maybe a few misting and that's it. But it seems like it's wrinkling even more now, with a few more split spots as well! I feel like it's sending me a mixed message of "I'm thirsty" and "no more water!"... and would love some advice from experts.

Day of arrival:

Now (This was taken at night, the lighting makes it look sicker..):

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Hey man. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think you're mesembs is going to make it. Apparently they go dormant during the summer and if you water them at all they rot. I killed three of them doing this. Mine looked fine one day and then was a pile of mush the next day. I have never seen anything like it. The only thing I could suggest would be to stop all water and see what happens.

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Agroderma is an ice plant relative and an opportunist( as many messebs are). Suggesting to me. If I have watered any messeb with no positive results more than once in a one week time frame while in it's current location ( in a pot that size) it's a good idea to move it to the sun set equivalent area of where it is(was) if at all possible

Moving it (even this late in the summer growing season) is kind of like forcing it to do what it is suppose to do no transitioning would be needed.

As a messeb it is also an opportunities If you do move it to such a location it *** might only recover*** from it's current locations stress and could ( as a MIGHT) start to require the current locations environment of sun air and watering for growth over winter.
Side note: Hobbyist to enthusiast but experts have a real good aim to get rewards for what they do.

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Want to hear a secret ?

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Thanks Nomen. But again I live in apartment so there's nowhere for me to move it (outdoor, etc.) My plants get a good amount of indirect sun everyday plus I use plant lights to help, but yeah they probably need more direct sun, especially the mesembs.

What's the secret??

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Secret - Could it be fan to 'move the air'?...

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Could be! That definitely makes sense to have better airflow, but then again I don't know if that'd do much if I'm indoor with windows closed.

I do open the windows sometimes to give them some fresh air, but my building has been doing some constructions so I don't want the dust to fly in, or land on my plants..

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Thats good to hear David understanding about the dust and all causing the window open limits

I've makeshifted computer cooloing fans and use them over winter to help, crude but they help alot on the racking lighting systems.

Not sure about your suxs over all room sizes distance but maybe a celing fan could help.

Just as a reminder for the inside suxs in smaller tighter areas like widow sills use indirect suttle air flow when using fans as they dont like it to cold either.

It does take time but in time my fan(s) have removed many a wrinkle and even a few divots on many tpyes of plants..

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Cool, I have a fan just like yours. I guess I can put that in the room and have it turned on when my growing lights are on (I use a timer). That should help the airflow a bit.
Thanks again!

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I have read up about argyroderma and if they are left in the sun they can then get a rippled effect on their leaves. It says that if this happens it would be best to shade it with a fine muslin or tissue which has been misted first.

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Thanks! I will try that. It really doesn't get that much sun though.

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Any chances that Agrodermas aren't meant to be grown as a houseplant?

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100% air reduced by the minus part time tissue just doesnt figure, It's easy just overlook the math equals it's all your fault.


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