Growing A Clivia like an Orchid ?????

bronxfigsNovember 16, 2011

I have read the posting(s) and looked at the pictures within this forum regarding mounting and growing Clivia as one would grow an epiphytic orchid.

Has anyone attempted to try out this method? I was thinking of trying to grow a Clivia in a slatted, Vanda-basket, and hanging it in a sunny window in the winter months, then outside when weather permits.

This to me is so unconventional, but yet, maybe it would work as a growing alternative, if, cultural conditions/nutrition can be met.

Any thoughts?


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Theres a fellow in Korea who does this successfully but he mounts the whole POT on the wall, so its not really a cork or bark mounting like you are talking about. never tried anything like it myself.

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Until I saw a picture of this growing method posted on this forum, I would have never believed that a Clivia could grow, thrive, and bloom growing as an epiphytic orchid would grow. If I knew how to do it, I'd link the photo to this discussion. When I saw the photo of this Clivia growing mounted, as growers mount orchids, I was reminded of a plant that looked like a very large Phalaenopsis.

Unconventional-looking....that's for sure.


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I've grown both orchids and clivias for years, and I see no reason why this wouldn't work, as long as the environment could be kept humid enough and watering during the growing season was consistent. In our hot summers, plants with exposed roots would have to be watered at least twice a day. It might reduce the weight of the mature plants, which has been the only drawback to growing them, in my experience. An attempt to grow them in lighter, plastic pots ended in failure when I almost lost a couple to overwatering, so they're back in gigantic clay pots which weigh a ton.

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