Question about bluebird boxes snake protection

mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)May 15, 2009

We had a bluebird build a nest as we were leaving to go on vacation.

We didn't want to bother the nestbox so we left it be.

When we came home, the parents were feeding babies.

Yesterday I went out and there was a Black snake lying on the groung near the nest box ant the parents were hysterical. The snake looked dead to me! It had ants on it and was not moving, so I proceeded to fling it into the woods. BUT - he was playing possum! EEEK.

I moved him out of the area and kept my eye on that box all day. The parents were in and out feeding.

This morning when I walked down there , the side door to the box was ajar and the $%!?# snake was in there. I pulled him out and yup, the babies are gone.

We didn't have a problem with black snakes last year.

So, now that I feel like an 'unfit landlord' what should I do for the next clutch?

I drilled a hole in an icing container bucket from Walmart and mounted that under that box. That box is usually the one they use .

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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A baffle on the post beneath the box is about all you can do. Black snakes can drop from overhanging limbs. I'll never forget the time a black snake fell off the rafters in our old barn (when I was a teenager) and onto a mouse.

If the area around the post is suitable (sun and dry), you could plant lavender there.


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