marricgardensNovember 12, 2013

I was washing my clivia leaves today and noticed this, not sure what to make of it. First let me say I know it needs repotting but I didn't because it has seed pods on it and they are starting to turn red now. When I harvest them I will repot because there are 2 clivias in the pot. I noticed this black stuff at the base of the leaves. I tried wiping it off and some of it came off but not all. It is also losing the large leaves at the bottom. Is this a fungus? I was going to repot to a lighter, better draining soil mix but then it started to bud up and I didn't think I should repot when it was in bud. The plant looks healthy otherwise. Thanks for any advice.

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Hi, I think you got water into the crown, and when that happens the crown then rots. that would be my guess.

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