Clivia sun burned

helga1November 8, 2006

This past summer I went away for a few days during very hot weather. The leaves on one side got sun burned and have turned brown halfways from the tip in. Should I cut the leaves back to the stem, or take the plant out of the pot (remember it's very big)and toss the affected older plant? The plant is in it's dormantcy stage now. YOur opinion, please.

Clivia is in a huge pot and stays outside from early spring until November. It overwinters in the garage with little light and water just to prevent drying out. I have not transplanted it for 6 or 7 yrs.

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greenguy1(z7 Maryland)

I've had this happen, too. I would just trim the leaves back to remove the brown parts; leave any green parts of the affected leaves - the more green the better as far as a plant is concerned, even it there are some half-leaves. The plant will grow out of it and in a couple years you will never know it happened.

- Steve

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jeffseattle(z6 PA)

When my clivia got sunburned, I just trimmed off the brown parts and it was fine. It popped out some replacement leaves the next spring (like it does), and before long you couldn't even see the damage. My experience is that clivia should never have direct afternoon sun, because it burns so easily - maybe next time you go away you could just move it to the north side of your house.

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Thank you Steve and jeffseattle. Will cut the leaves but, the plant will look lopsided for a while.

By the way...., can anyone tell me when a Clivia should be transplanted? As I mentioned above, it's been YEARS since I did it last. Also, will an old growth flower again, or is it only the pups who do?


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dries(South Africa)

Clivia can be divided anytime but of course if done at flower time it may influence the flower, So, from a pracrical point of view early fall is a good time.
Clivia 'fans' reblooms as long as they live.

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Thank you, Dries. One more question: What kind of medium is best?

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Helga, how big is your Clivia? Does anyone know how tall they grow w/age? Mine is about 2'..a standard, not mini..does anyone know how tall they get yrs down the road?

Helga, I'm sure we all use different mediums, but my 24 yr old Clivia is in 1/4 all purpose soil, 1/4 peat, 1/4 Perlite and 1/4 sand. Adding a little bone meal when repotting helps a lot..
Of what I read, it's best to repot every third yr, but I'd only do so if needed. I literally waited until roots burst through the old pot..LOL..Never again though.
I agree that trimming is the best way to go..One yr, I decided to set my Clivia inside a gh we just set up. Well, sure enough, one night, on the coldest night of the yr, the heater went out..I lost 1/3rd of my fact I lost 37 plants that night from frostbite. To be honest I cried like a child. Anyway, I brought indoors, remove all dead growth, and kept in the house..I learned a it stays in the house in a cool room in winter. Toni

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