beetle_2007(3)November 20, 2007

this summer, as always, I put my 20 yr old Clivia outside. It must have got rained on too much. When I brought it in,I was just sick! The intire middle was rotted!

To my shock [and delight] 2 pups appeared beside mom,and the parent plant had NOT even flowered! Survival of the species I guess.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Sometimes they do that after being frosted, too. And from the darnedest places. I've got one behaving like a 'pregnant onion' at the moment.

Just means I have to be a lot slower about consigning them to the compost heap in spring..

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LOL! is that right? Wow, these are some tough plants we have! I'm very happy that this particular plant is having pups. [I've carted it around throu different moves for twenty years!]
Do you have any pics of your 'pregnant onion clivia'? Would love to see, if you do. Have a great day!

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