Koopowitz Clivia Book.....??

BronxFigsNovember 29, 2011

I'm looking for a book that concerns itself with mainly Clivia miniata, it's modern hybrids, and current breeding for compact plants. I really have no interest, at this time, for other species, and intergeneric crosses. Plenty of pictures of modern-bred Clivias would certainly be a big advantage.

Is the Koopopwitz book worth searching out, and does this book mainly cover all species, or, concentrate on Clivia miniata?

Thanks for the information.


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There aren't a lot of books out there on Clivias and the ones that are available cover all species and interespecifics. They cover everything from cultivation to breeding.

The Koop book (2002) is good, being one of the first written in the States, but it was written before some of the species were discovered (mirablis). Kirstenborsch Gardens published "Grow Clivias" in 1999. It contains the above information and has decent size photos. "Clivia Nature and Nurture" (2009) by Dick Swanevelder and Roger Fisher also contains the above information and a lot of photos, but the photos are small. This one holds a good amount of information on breeding, but much of it is on interspecifics.

You might want to check out "The Clivia Forum" on the NACS link page. Lots of (free) good reading there. ;-)

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Gail....to the rescue again! Thanks for the input.

I had a feeling that too much information in these books would probably be written about all the species of Clivia, and not very much on C. Miniata...MODERN-miniata hybrids. I'm glad I asked. I probably saved a lot of money for information that I could get by searching through web-sites, as you suggest. It may take longer, but that's what I'll do.

Again,....Many thanks.


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Just spent the better part of two hours investigating the NACS web-site. No books can cover this much material.

I'm very happy that I did not search out Clivia books, and spend good money for limited information. I can now buy another Clivia plant with the money I just saved.

Muchas gracias!

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Dirk Swanevelder and Roger Fisher made a book called "Clivia Nature and Nurture" That is mostly pictures of the modern plants. You might like that one.

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Thanks for the information. Without actually having the books in front of me, it's almost impossible to figure out if it contains the information that I seek. Thanks for being my "eyes".


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I own all the books mentioned by others in this post. I don't know what specifically you are looking for, but it sounds like you are interested in breeding C. Miniata. None of these books offers more than the most general information regarding genetics, cultivation, fertilization or seed growing. Clivia Nature & Nurture has 55 pages of photos and names of named clivias, primarily miniata, that can be helpful if you want to see what specific ones look like. A more extensive source would be the online clivia register with pictures and descriptions.

The best source of information on breeding and cultivation is the clivia enthusiast email list. Top breeders from all over the world share photos and discuss breeding. It's an active group with as many as 12 messages a day. If you join, you can search through past messages for specific information. Unfortunately GardenWeb won't let me post a link to any Yahoo Group. But you can Google it.

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